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The all-digital world we live in today is changing how we work, how we live and how business is organized and conducted. HR remains at the forefront of the move to digital and the cloud in the workplace. Technology can now allow HR leaders to revolutionize the employee experience through new ways of delivering HR services and new digital platforms. Despite the ever-shifting demands of a rapidly-changing world, too many HR departments have yet to embrace this transformation.

Web App for HR requests

Many organizations are still challenged with the overwhelming task of traditionally processing all HR activities and HR requests from employees. It can easily turn into a time and energy-consuming affair. More often than not, the need for a digital platform to support general HR requests is overlooked. In most companies, employees find it difficult to track their HR requests and are frustrated that it requires multiple calls and emails to HR staff before they are addressed.

By having a fully integrated and seamless HR Request Web App, and transforming traditional HR processes via FourVision’s digital platform, an organization can enrich the employee experience. How simple and efficient would it be to have one central platform for all your employees to submit all types of HR requests? This Web App eliminates the need for repeated back and forth and eases the load of paperwork and emails of the HR staff’s back.

The advantage of our Web App is that all required information needed to process the HR request is efficiently collected via the request forms that employees fill upon submitting their HR requests. Employees can track their requests from beginning to end and receive status updates automatically.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Both employees and Managers can initiate an HR Request in the app which can be routed via workflows to the appropriate assignees for reviewal and approval. Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 means that all organizational data can be pulled up in any HR request forms as well as update data for instance; the automatic update of family leave record upon approval of maternity leave.

The Web App provides a great overview of the use of configurable dashboards. The dashboards are available to managers and HR staff so they have insight on request information, guidance, and tasks. All HR request forms and workflows are flexible and can be configured. Managers are promptly alerted to take action through notifications and employees are alerted if the status changes on their requests.

When such traditional, time-costing HR tasks are moved to apps in a thoughtful way, HR can enrich employee experience to increase employee productivity and rise data quality. Interested in using the HR Request Web App or would you like more information?

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