FourVision’s HR Portal enhances employee experience with Microsoft Viva

Arnhem, 21.06.2023 — Today’s employee experience is an increasingly online experience. As office employees continue to work largely from home, HR teams need creative solutions and effective tools for enhancing the employee experience, boosting engagement and retaining talent.

These are some of the goals behind Microsoft Viva. Launched in 2021, Microsoft Viva is a suite of employee engagement applications, including:

  • Viva Connections: Lets you deliver internal communications and company resources directly via Teams
  • Viva Topics: Uses AI to automatically suggest relevant content across apps and teams
  • Viva Learning: Provides an automatically curated online learning experience, based on employees’ real-life work situation
  • Viva Insights: A tool for monitoring day-to-day activities, providing data-driven insights into how employees are spending their time
  • Viva Engage: A social-engagement app that lets employees keep in touch, exchange information and connect on a personal level

The Viva apps are customizable to your HR setup and integrated into Microsoft Teams, giving employees quick access to their company’s SharePoint document management system and intranet. Just two years after launching, Viva already has 20 million active daily users.

FourVision has built its HR Portal to incorporate Microsoft Viva apps. Like Microsoft Viva, the FourVision HR Portal is based on SharePoint. This means the FourVision HR Portal benefits HR and employees by giving them a single, centralized point of access for all their HR tools, even directly via apps in Teams.

FourVision Viva Sharepoint portal for Microsoft Teams

The FourVision HR Portal is a one-stop platform for employees, now incorporating the Microsoft Viva employee engagement apps.

FourVision HR for Viva Sharepoint Portal HR Center Example

FourVision is focused on providing end-to-end HR solutions by integrating its own Web Apps, along with 3rd-party apps, into the Microsoft Dynamics F&O ecosystem. This adds new functionalities and improves the user experience by making it easier for HR and employees to access the services and systems they need.

FourVision Microsoft Ecosystem model for HR solutions and systems

By combining Viva with the HR Portal, FourVision helps employers offer a more collaborative, engaging employee experience. This helps HR teams overcome the challenge of keeping employees motivated and satisfied, especially when working remotely.


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