Meet the Specialist: Mehmet Yusuf Atli

Personal life

Mehmet grew up in a small village called Tiltepan, in the east of Turkey. He came with his family to Arnhem, the Netherlands when he was 13 years old. Here, he has been living ever since. Upon arriving in the Netherlands, Mehmet quickly learned to speak the Dutch language and studied to obtain an Electrical degree. Even though he was good at it, Mehmet decided he wanted to work in IT, so he studied again to obtain an Information Technology degree.

In his spare time, Mehmet enjoys watching Netflix, cooking and improving his recipes, spending times with friends and family, and improving his barbecue technique. Even if it’s cold outside, Mehmet is always ready for a barbecue!

Professional background

Mehmet has always loved to work with computers. So naturally, he started to become better at it. At one point, Mehmet became the one giving others solutions instead of asking for solutions to computer related questions. In the past, Mehmet has gained experience with technical cases such as trouble shooting, software, and hardware. Following an IT career path seemed the appropriate choice for Mehmet. Mehmet especially likes to solve hard issues, since they give him more pleasure when resolved.

Position at FourVision

Mehmet holds the role of Technical Support Engineer. This means that he is responsible for supporting internal systems, hardware, user access management and the office connectivity. Mehmet also manages internal environments and user access for customers within FourVision systems.

What experience does Mehmet bring to the table?

“I have gained extensive experience with solving software and hardware issues, this will help me out with resolving issues employee’s have and find a way to make it more efficient. I have also experience with creating WordPress based websites, I use this skill to create SharePoint websites to demo potential customers.”

Mehmet looks forward to going back to the office and attending a company get together like the annual Christmas dinner.

Meet the specialist Mehmet

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