Meet the Specialist: Jennifer Lepper

Personal life

Jennifer grew up in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Some years later, she moved to Australia. Here, she married and gave birth to four wonderful children. Jennifer lives in Brisbane, the third city of Australia. Due to it’s northern location, it can get very hot in the summer. Jennifer says her biggest blessing is being a mother and grandmother. She tries to spend as much time as possible with them making memories.

After completing her Bachelor in Commerce in New Zealand and Diploma in Business in Australia, Jennifer has completed tax law studies in both Australia and New Zealand. She is a verified trainer in Australia. In addition, Jennifer also completed various in house training for different organizations she worked at in the past. She strongly believes that one never stops learning and should always be open to new experiences.

Professional career

Jennifer first started working on computer magnetic tape. She got passionate about numbers and logic, which she used to become an Accountant. After this, she worked in numerous senior management positions and finally settled on being a Consultant. She moved into consultancy because she enjoys meeting people and helping them build better businesses. Moreover, a Consultancy role meant that she had to work less than when she had a senior management role. This means she could spend more time with her family.

Position at FourVision

At FourVision, Jennifer holds the role of Implementation Consultant. She assists customers in Australia and New Zealand with the implementation of Dynamics 365 Human Resources and FourVision Web Apps. In addition to this, she also helps local customers from a sales perspective. Jennifer looks forward to expending her knowledge and skills and gaining expertise in the FourVision suite. She enjoys being part of the FourVision team and hopes to successfully help customers in the Asia-Pacific.

What experience does Jennifer bring to the table?

Jennifer has been a Consultant for 15 years. She has experience in both the HR and Payroll sphere and has been working with Microsoft Dynamics for 10 years. Her main area of focus has been HR, but she has also been part of Microsoft Dynamics implementation teams. Jennifer has helped to develop a global payroll solution and has been able to work with a number of different modules, including Project Management and Accounting, Service and Finance. She has been exposed to many different countries’ HR legislation and has gained significant insights into business operations.


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