Meet the Specialist: Hans de Jong

Personal background

Hans grew up in Venlo, a city in the south east of the Netherlands. After finishing high school, Hans moved to Nijmegen where he studied Public Management, in which he holds a Masters. To this day, Hans still holds a lot of interest in both domestic and foreign politics. In his spare time, Hans likes to referee volleyball games at semi-national level. He has been doing this for over 30 years now.

Background professional

Hans started his career at a technical wholesales company in the Netherlands, where he worked in various roles. He worked here as Information Analyst, Tester, Member of the ERP Board, Key User in AX2012 Implementations, Functional Consultant and Assistant Project Manager. This wide variety of roles gave Hans a lot of knowledge about different aspects of ERP systems. Understanding both sides of the table, that of the customer and that of the ICT consultant, is a valuable thing. Also having fulfilled various ICT roles in his previous jobs helps to understand the entire process of product development, implementation and issue resolution.

About previous positions, Hans especially liked being some sort of liaison officer between business and ICT. Understanding the core business processes and also the possibilities and shortcomings for gaps of the ERP system. And from here, help to define solutions, via setup of via describing functional designs for customizations.

Position at FourVision

At FourVision, Hans holds the role of Senior Consultant for Dynamics 365 Human Resources. He helps to solve customer issues in the second and third line of support. This is mainly for FourVision’s Leave & Absence, Payroll Interface, and Time & Attendance solutions. In addition to this, Hans assists in Payroll implementations and he functionally describes and tests new product features for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, HR Plus and FourVision Web Apps. He also hosts demos for our Payroll, Leave & Absence, and Time and Attendance solutions to prospects, customers and partners.

What does Hans look most forward to doing?

Hans looks most forward to learning about new features, developing new products with the team and becoming even more all round. On a more personal level, Hans hopes for a more stable, understanding, peaceful world with less conflict and war. A world where people are less judging and are paying attention to what they write on social media.

He wants to wish his colleagues success, good health, and a well deserved vacation, hopefully soon!


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