Meet the Specialist: Britt de Roode

Personal background

Britt was born in the southern part of the Netherlands. Her parents quickly moved to a small village nearby Arnhem (NL), where she grew up. After her studies in Marketing Management and Business IT and Management she started her first official job as recruiter. Britt enjoys to spend time with her family and friends. As a mother of two, she likes to go on day outs with her children. Above all, Britt likes to go on holidays. Her favorite destination is France.

Professional background

Britt started her career as a recruiter. After this, she quickly moved and started working at Coop, a large supermarket chain in The Netherlands. She held the role of Campaign Manager. In this role, she was responsible for the seasonal campaigns, strategic campaign planning and product range development. From previous positions, Britt enjoyed working with the different stakeholders. She especially enjoyed to build up a team from scratch.

Position at FourVision 

At FourVision, Britt holds two different roles. Next to being V.P. of Marketing, Britt is Managing Consultant for Phenom Implementations. This means she is responsible for FourVision’s Talent Experience Services (TES) team. This team focuses on the implementation of Phenom’s Recruitment solutions. In her role of V.P. of Marketing, she is responsible for FourVision’s Partner Network, the Microsoft Channel and daily management of the department.

What experience does Britt bring to the table?

Britt holds 12 years of marketing experience in her diverse roles in different industries. The combination of her knowledge about marketing combined with IT business administration, makes her a great asset for FourVision.

“The international culture within FourVision comes from the diverse people within the organization. Here lays our power. We look further than just education and job experience. We are really looking for qualities and personalities traits within people.” – Britt de Roode

Meet the Specialist Britt de Roode

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