Meet the Specialist: Biljana Grbic

Personal background

Biljana grew up in Novi Sad, the second largest city of Serbia. In 1997, she graduated from the University of Novi Sad with a master’s degree in Business Economics.
During her study, she gained a passion for accounting and managing projects. In 2004, Biljana moved with her two daughters and partner to Amersfoort in The Netherlands.
In her spare time, she likes reading books, listening to (Rock) music, and going outside into nature or working in her garden.

Professional background

Biljana started her career at Accenture. This company is specialized in Consulting and Processing services. Biljana’s first role at Accenture was Financial Administrative Professional, where she supported clients in the administrative processing of certain financial aspects such as contracts and invoices. Later in her career at Accenture, she worked as a Project Management Officer. In this role, she developed her experience in managing projects processes. In addition, she was responsible for a team to ensure that the work they deliver was on a high level.

Position at FourVision

Biljana’s main task will be supporting Project Managers in different aspects of the operational tasks. This means she will be working on opportunity management, setting up projects, resource planning and project closures. This will give Project Managers more time to manage running projects and being in contact with customers.
Biljana will bring great experiences from her previous job to FourVision. With her experience as a PMO, she will also assist with implementing and executing internal projects since FourVision is growing rapidly.

Biljana is looking forward to assisting the FourVision Team in projects she will work on.

Meet the Specialist Biljana Grbic FourVision

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