FourVision and Dynamics ATS bring Recruitment in D365 HR to the Next Level

Recruiters work hard to find the best talent for organizations all around the world. Using the latest technology and software options will automate some of the main attract and recruitment processes to relieve your recruitment and hiring team. Nowadays, with modern AI supporting and automating processes you can free up time to engage with your potential new talent! By combining FourVision and Dynamics ATS expertise, we can implement your best new ATS into Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

“By working together with Dynamics ATS, any created gaps are gone and Dynamics 365 Human Resources is even stronger and richer in functionality than ever before” says Bert Stegeman, CEO of FourVision. “Working together with Dynamics ATS to ensure happy customers is a natural process, a dream team for all (potential) users of Dynamics 365 Human Resources”!

FourVision is the global leading implementor of Dynamics 365 Human Resources in combination with smart tools and standard solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, FourVision is dedicated to improving HR systems all over the world.

Organizations all over the world are realizing the importance of AI in attracting and recruiting new talent. Not only does it increase productivity of your recruitment and hiring team, it helps your organization grow!

Dynamics ATS offers CRM ATS Staffing & Recruiting Software that helps you locate, attract and place talent faster. This improves candidate and recruiter relationships and the overall experience of the end-to-end attract, recruit and hiring process. Dynamics ATS is the best solution for HR teams and hiring teams to streamline direct placement, extending offers and searching for those people who you know will lift your organization into the future.

Our partnership allows us to combine the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology with state-of-the-art ATS software, ensuring that you locate, find and hire the best talent. Integrating Dynamics ATS’s CRM ATS Staffing & Recruiting Software with Microsoft Dynamics 365 will bring about your end-to-end attracting, recruiting, hiring and HR business processes to improve candidate to employee experience that will assist you in retaining your staff from the very beginning of their introduction to your organization.

“We’re excited to offer the customer solutions that empower them to do their best work” Byron Hogan, Product Specialist at Dynamics ATS adds.

About FourVision

FourVision improves the business life of recruiters, HR & IT professionals. We combine our experience, knowledge, and passion for HR and technology to transform your HR processes to bring out the best Talent in your people. As the Global Partner for the latest HR solution from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, we have been successfully implementing these solutions in a variety of industries worldwide for more than a decade. Read more about how we can support you!

About Dynamics ATS

As a Microsoft Gold ISV partner focused on extending functionality for Microsoft Dynamics Power Platform, Dynamics ATS improves the lives of recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals around the world. For over 10 years, we have been improving customer/candidate relationship management and successfully implementing applicant tracking systems that reduce headaches and frustrations found in the sales, recruiting and placement process. Read more about our options to support your organization!

Partnership ATS - FourVision

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