The role of Health & Safety in Human Resources

The Role of Health and Safety in Human Resources

Health and safety has changed over the years – for the better. Every year, 337 million workplace incidents happen worldwide. About one percent of these incidents leads to a death of someone involved. But luckily, workplace incidents can be prevented.

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Health and safety have always been key elements of human resources. Ever since the beginning of human resources in the 18th century, both employee health and workplace safety became more important. Even though the workers of the industrial age weren’t particularly well off, unions started to form in the 19th century which increased the overall wellness of employees. Flash forward 200 years and you will see that health and safety are still playing an important role in the world of human resources. No matter if your organization is active in the manufacturing or financial sector.

Why is health and safety good for business?

There are numerous reasons to choose for a great health and safety policy at your organization. First off, an organization will face high costs when an employee get injured or falls ill due to a workplace accident. These costs include a compensation for the accident, but also legal fees and most importantly costs to replace the employee in the time he/she cannot work. This also means that word will get out about the bad situation at this organization. Nobody wants bad publicity, right?

Another reason to chose for great health and safety is the fact that it makes employees happier and more productive. By showing that your organization stands for more that only profits, employees will feel more attached and involved with your organizations mission and vision.

Modern day

Health and safety has changed over the years – for the better. Every year, 337 million workplace accidents happen worldwide. About one percent of these accidents leads to a death of someone involved. The good news is that workplace accidents occur less than they used to. Next to increased medical abilities, focus has shifted towards prevention. Nowadays, organizations worldwide use software to track workplace incidents in reports. This gives you valuable insights in how an incident occurred, so you can prevent them from happening in the future. The FourVision Health & Safety Web App is made to report and track injuries, dangerous workplace incidents and sickness. Any reported workplace incident in the Web App sets off an flow of administrative tasks for the ones responsible, so the (potential) incident can be handled correctly.

COVID-19 and returning employees

Depending on your location, you might be able to go back to the office. While COVID-19 is still active, it is important to prevent any spread of the virus on the workplace. Walkways can be established, as well as disinfectant sprays and alcohol wipes. The Health & Safety Web App allows employees to register accidents. Out of disinfectant spray? No proper ventilation in office spaces? With a simple registration, the right people will be automatically contacted. This way, you can keep your workplace safe!

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