The importance of Document Management

A Document Management System (DMS) probably isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about ERP solutions. But because of an ever increasing amount of information within an organization, Document Management is getting more important by the day. How does this system work and what can it mean for your organization?

What is a Document Management System?

Let’s start off with the basics. The people within your organization use many different ways to save their documents. Think about hard drives on a computer, a mailbox, physical storage and USB sticks. Finding back a document can take a lot of time. If you work in HR, you know the effects of locally stored documents. A loss of documentation, lack of control and a gigantic problem when someone leaves the organization. Moreover, working together while working from home will almost be impossible without a proper Document Management System. A DMS brings efficiency and order to the management of your documents. It brings order and a unique way of storage with rapid access. According to a research by Aberdeen, a good working DMS will result in a 49% more rapid document handling, 30% less mistakes and a 10% cost reduction of archiving costs.

How does Document Management improve my organization?

As mentioned above, a good Document Management System helps organizations to prevent mistakes and to increase their efficiency. It can offer significant advantages, such as lower costs of operations, security, information retrieval and governance. A Document Management System mainly supports organizations in collecting the necessary documents throughout different stages of the employee lifecycle. In the candidate and hiring stages, a DMS gives recruiters an overview of what documents are missing. Think about resumes, contracts and other recruitment related documents, both externally and internally, but also tests and application exams. All to ensure the completion of a new employee into the organization.

FourVision’s Document Management for Dynamics 365 HR

FourVision developed a Document Management solution for Dynamics 365 HR. This solution figures as a central location to store all of your HR related documentation. Next to receiving notifications about expiring documents, you can also create your own configurable document and templates from one central location. Moreover, this solution works on any device at any time and is GDPR compliant! Feel free to reach out to us if you would to learn more about this solution.

The Importance of Document Management - Microsoft D365 HR Web Apps| FourVision

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