The importance of building a tech-driven HR department

As companies expand into the remote realm, Human Resource Management (HRM) becomes more complex and reliant on technology. How do you keep up with the rapidly evolving tech? How to ensure that your employees stay engaged, safe, and happy within a tech-driven HR department?

HR data literacy & analytics

Data literacy is the ability to read data, interpret it, and make evidence-based decisions. HR data is a relatively new trend. So to make sure your HR becomes data-driven, you need to facilitate it with relevant training and performance incentives. To begin with, watch our YouTube playlist “Making sense of HR data”, where FourVision experts share insights on HR data.

HR cybersecurity

Cybersecurity focused on HR data is becoming more and more important. Especially in the EU, where the GDPR law regulates how companies collect, store, and share personal information.

Cybersecurity can be ensured by implementing secure HRM systems (and applications that connect to them) and introducing security-driving policies and procedures that work for hybrid offices.

HRIS management

HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System.

As tech gets more sophisticated, IT departments create HRIS-focused roles to ensure a seamless integration of HR technologies that must be introduced, orchestrated, maintained, and updated.

Some companies decide to hire internal HRIS consultants or HRIS managers, but partnering with an HR tech company might be a great start, especially if you need to implement a global project in a short timeframe.

Remote workplace moderation

Community Manager is not a new job title. However, we’re talking about global intercompany communities that work remotely or primarily in a hybrid way. This role can be within your internal communications or employee experience teams.

A remote workplace moderator enables, facilitates, and supports all aspects of remote work: from onboarding to virtual workspaces (think Jira, Monday etc.).

Boost your HR with FourVision

To have a tech-driven HR department, you need to make sure it is secure, user- and admin- friendly and adds value to your business.

As a long-term expert in HRM technologies, FourVision can help you focus on strategic decision making instead of solving routine HR admin challenges.

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The importance of building a tech-driven HR department

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