Payroll Interface 3.0 for Dynamics 365

We just released the new version (3.0) of our Payroll Interface. The interface allows businesses to run payroll seamlessly, both domestically and internationally, and ensures a fluent integration between their payroll systems and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What’s new? With the addition of the period driven capability, your payroll administrator can collect all changes over time, do reviews and approvals before sending the data to your payroll system (such as ADP, Sage or Ceridian) that calculates actual pay-slips.

Bridging the payroll gap. Our Payroll Interface app is a highly configurable standardized app: it connects Dynamics 365 API’s with third-party vendors without the need of maintaining custom build integrations. This way, the Payroll Interface by FourVision bridges the gap between custom integrated solutions and standardized API that isn’t configurable and period-driven.

With FourVision’s Payroll Interface you can:

  • Add country-specific and legal payroll and tax requirements
  • Troubleshoot within the Interface to ensure expedited Payroll processing
  • Get solution-based troubleshooting when incorrect data is found
  • Maintain one source of data across your systems
  • Safeguard GDPR-compliance.

Interested in implementing the Payroll Interface to streamline your payroll process? Whatever region you’re located in, we have a consultant to support you. Reach out to us to schedule a demo!

Payroll 3.0 app Dynamics 365 integration by FourVision

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