Shifting the focus to Human in HR

Today we begin a series of short articles to empower you to start small changes in Human Resources. So you can create a better workplace and a thriving business.

Workforce, manpower, personnel, staff, and the most commonly used – Human Resources. These are the terms that describe the people who make sure your business keeps operating and growing. In fact, they are your business.

The way an organization perceives its employees shapes their mindsets and performance. It also affects its business success long-term: happy employees create happy customers and become advocates of their workplace. This means lower recruitment costs and higher profits.

Here’re several things you do today to bring Human back to your HR:

  • Introduce person-to-person language to your employee commutations. Ditch corporate jargon and use common-sense language to get your message across and engage people to act on it.
  • Get genuinely interested in your colleagues. Ask how exactly you can help them do their jobs in the most optimal way. That’s what good management is all about.
  • Ask for feedback Use confidential channels to collect it and apply it shortly to improve your employee experience.
  • Ensure equal growth and development opportunities for employees on all levels. Start putting them into practice by implementing the same HRM tools and practices across your entire origination.
  • Implement 360 degrees assessment to avoid managerial bias. This will also provide more information on your team dynamics and give direction for further improvement.
  • Support people in their vulnerable times. Parenting, health problems, family struggles, and more, – life happens to us. Businesses don’t exist in a sterile world. And how you assist your people in times of crisis will define their performance and loyalty for years to come.

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Human VS Resources how to shift focus

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