Employer branding in times of change

When it comes to changes that affect the entire organization, be it going fully remote, changing CEO, acquiring new businesses, or reinventing your operating model, employer branding is one of the key aspects to reassess. How do you do it right, without confusing your current employees and sending a correct message to potential ones?

Embrace your vision

Your company vision is a high-level statement that answers the question of why you exist. It guides our business through changes, and helps prioritize and connect different goals within your organization. Vision enables you to you connect your company’s past with its future, explaining why the change of employer brand is necessary and integrating this change as a vital part of your company’s identity.

Get employee insights

Conduct surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups to explore how the new employer brand would be received and interpreted. Get feedback on your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, and how to communicate it efficiently. Plain tailored communication campaigns to covey your employer brand gradually to target groups.

Align internal and external communication

Ensure brand integrity: send the same messages to your employees and the marketplace. This will help your employees deliver on customer expectations and facilitate on-brand organizational behavior: how employees name products, organize processes and approach selling.

Choose your moment

Timing is essential. Introducing an updated employer brand should come when all organizational changes have been approved and are ready to be communicated to the whole organization. Pick the right moment and don’t mix too many messages at once. Avoid “initiative fatigue” when employees get overwhelmed with various sorts of information and stop taking it seriously.

Planning to launch a new career site as part of your employer (re)branding?

Recruitment marketing is essential to supporting your new employer brand. As an official partner of Phenom, FourVision can implement a modern AI-powered platform to host your career site with updated branding, get smart talent analytics, and ensure seamless integration with your ATS. Phenom TXM is a flexible solution to boost your employer brand and streamline your recruitment process. Request your demo today!



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