HR Document Management in a hybrid organization

HR paperwork is actually becoming entirely paperless, with contracts being signed digitally and agreements/resignations/promotions arranged via email. But are organizations well-equipped to store and maintain all these documents in one digital location? Discover how you can streamline your HR document management remotely.  

Old-fashion HR document management 

  • Reliance on admin skills. If you’re lucky, your HR admin has great skills and time to update documents, share them with relevant stakeholders and more. But even then, especially as your business scales, your HR admin might make mistakes. 
  • Access issues. With GDPR compliance, this becomes a struggle. Manually verifying who can get access to what sort of information can consume a lot of time. Why not automate that? 
  • Storage issues. This touches upon your data security. What if something happens to your HR admin account? Document copies, anybody? Having a cloud-based storage system is much more reliable in the long run.  


Having a reliable cloud-based HR document management software is a must for remote or hybrid organizations. It solves most of the issues of the old-school HR document management. In this setup, employees can update their documents and manager can review them at any given time. All of it in one online location! This means:  

  • Lower reliance on admin skills. 
  • Access issues eliminated. 
  • Storage issues eliminated. 

HR document management for Dynamics 365 

You can integrate digital document management into your core Dynamics 365 with FourVision’s Web App. Here’s are its main benefits: 

  • Get one central location to store all HR-related documentation 
  • Store all documentation by specified categories 
  • Create configurable templates and documents 
  • Receive notifications of document expiration dates 
  • Access both on desktop and mobile 
  • Be GDPR compliant 

Document Management D365 FinOps

Curious about what our Web App can provide for your remote/hybrid business? Learn more about Document Management Web App and request your demo today.

How to manage HR documents in remote company

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