How to navigate the Great Resignation?

The Great Resignation – an ongoing trend of voluntary resignation in the western world since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.  

The great resignation began in 2020 and it is not slowing down. People are leaving their jobs in search of something better, but what exactly? How can companies endure the Big Quit, attracting and retaining the best talent?  

The Great Resignation = The Great Transformation 

Our working lives have been significantly transformed during the pandemic. Many employees got a taste of working remotely, spending more time with their loved ones, and reflecting on what makes their life happy and meaningful. It revealed hidden problems, both in our personal lives and within our workplaces.

In a saturated job market, people began to search for more suitable jobs that fit their lifestyles and values. And yes, many of them just quit.   

You might have heard of it, but the only way to resolve any crisis is to develop new ways of thinking and doing things. Businesses cannot solve the great resignation with the same tools they used over the previous decade. So, they need to change their approach, initiating the great transformation within their organizations.  

Creating a resignation-proof workplace 

A vast majority of resigned employees, to a different extent, are looking for these basic things: flexibility, feeling appreciated, doing what they love/value. Here’s what companies can do to respond to their employees’ needs in the post-pandemic world.

  • Embrace hybrid working. It starts with trust, a change of mindset, and some investment in technologies. Don’t force your employees back to the office but make them in control of their working week. Hire people who embrace responsibility, initiative. Focus on deliverables, rather than procedures.  
  • Rethink benefits. It goes beyond competitive salaries. This means giving people extra room for their families (ex: extra parental leave days), their health (ex: wellbeing program memberships), informal interaction with their colleagues (ex: team evens), and much more. Not sure where to start? Ask your employees, you’ll get plenty of insights! 
  • Create and communicate growth opportunities. In search of meaning, people tend to apply for challenges where they see themselves growing and developing long-term. Use your employer branding to convey growth opportunities within your organization and create career paths with clear KPIs that help employees plan their careers for years to come. 
  • Build relationships. Making your company more than just a place to work is a challenge. It starts with details that reflect in everyday things: how your managers approach wins and mistakes of their teams, how you communicate organizational changes, how you deal with unhappy clients, how you help employees in times of crisis, etc. Every culture is different, but the key is to create a feeling of togetherness, show respect and support, and deliver on all promises you make to your employees.  


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Navigating the Great Resignation to a Great Transormation

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