Checklist: choosing your core HRM platform

In the age of digital transformation, the market is loaded with HR software solutions. How to choose the core HRM platform you can rely on for years to come? We prepared a checklist to help you get started.

Your ideal core HRM platform

  • It serves a wide range of HR needs.
    Go for a system that already supports a wide range of HR needs: from employer branding to offboarding.
  • It can be integrated with other software solutions.
    Do your research. Despite the growth of the HRM software industry, no solution on the market covers the entire end-to-end HR process. However, some platforms get close to that by keeping their technology open for integrations with third parties.
  • It can be scaled as your organization grows.
    As your business expands – both in employees and locations – you deal with many challenges such as data formatting, compliance issues, and more. So opt for a provider with an international focus and a deep understanding of local requirements.
  • It is constantly updated.
    In our constantly changing economy, HRM vendors need to keep up with the pace. Select a platform that provides regular updates: they ensure security and allow to implement customer feedback, making your HRM platform better every step of the way.
  • It provides one data source.

To guarantee HR data quality and consistency in your organization, it’s crucial to create one source of truth. This is only possible by employing a technology solution that avoids data duplications at all times, even while being integrated with other solutions, such as payroll tools.

FourVision is committed to equipping customers with a reliable core HRM platform that checks all the boxes above. We implement Microsoft Dynamic 365 HR together with many complimentary tools that can be natively integrated with Microsoft’s platform. Reach out to us and schedule a demo to learn more!


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