Change management for digital transformation

While more than 80% of companies intend to accelerate their digital transformation, only 30% of these attempts succeed. If you’re thinking about digitalizing your HR, or any other business process, the key to success lies in efficient change management. In the world of Digital, particularly in software rollouts, we hear a lot about the concept of technical readiness and business readiness. But what about psychological readiness? In this article, we explore several methods that can facilitate a successful transformation in your organization.

Build on trust

Understanding your employee’s trust in your leadership and management is essential. Only with a solid trust base can you begin a challenging journey of digital transformation, be it your HR processes, or the entire business operations. Pulse your trust levels with quick surveys, embed feedback requests in all performance reviews and key team meetings. Deliver on your promises. There is no shortcut to establishing trust.

Create awareness and communicate consistently

Clear, consistent, and dozed communication is the backbone of a successful change. Use simple language that every employee can understand. Answer the question WHY this change is necessary. Connect new concepts with familiar principles and core business values that have always defined your business. This helps manage uncertainty and convey the big purpose and how it fits into the transformation journey, thereby reducing employees’ resistance to change.

Give control

The leadership decides if the transformation would take place. But you can give your employees the possibility to decide how exactly this transformation will unfold. This includes making choices from different paths and tools alternatives. Making digital transformation part of everyone’s performance is crucial: connect unique employee competencies to the digital transformation components.


The rewarding of desired behavior – not necessarily through monetary compensations – helps to sustain it long-term. It starts with a simple thank you and extends to recognitions on a team/company scale. Bonuses that are clearly connected to your digital transformation KPIs can be an additional way to encourage change.

Create and facilitate role models

Having your leadership excited about digital is great, but what about employees on other levels? Imagine an employee talking enthusiastically about the new intranet or that their digital leave request was confirmed in just an hour, etc.? You don’t need to artificially assign digital champions; your task is to notice ones and to give them enough freedom and necessary tools to spend their enthusiasm and educate others.

Reskill & upskill for change

Make your L&D team a strong stakeholder in digital transformation. Transformational workshops are the first steps to grow awareness, sparkle creativity, and trigger change. People learn by not just passively absorbing information but applying it experimentally in their daily work and integrating new knowledge into their existing experience. This means that your training has to be adapted to the digital way of working or serving customers. It has to be targeted and easily applied on a day-to-day basis.

Partner with FourVision for digital transformation in HR

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Change management for digital transformation

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