Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent 'Out of the Box'

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent automates and helps you manage many administrative activities for your workforce, whether they are full-time employees or contractors. You can match employees to the jobs that optimize their interests and talents by defining and mapping skills, competencies, education, and development. Employees can identify career opportunities that can help them to fulfill their potential and goals. Compensation and benefits management can help your company reward, and retain employees that are vital to your success.

The basics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent has a rich, browser-based user experience with workspaces tailored to specific roles. Make a quick start by viewing the following videos to familiarize yourself with the overall user experience and immerse yourself in the user experience for managers and employees. The Talent solution presents the following functional areas, with more coming each month.

Personnel management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent lets employees maintain their own data, reducing the time and effort that human resources staff need to spend on routine activities, giving them time to focus on more strategic initiatives. Intuitive, self-service pages let employees update personal information, including certifications, and helps employees monitor and track their own progress on goals and prepare for upcoming performance reviews. You can implement approval workflows that keep everyone informed as changes are made. As a complete solution, HR also maintains data to generate reports supporting your company’s regulatory requirements.

Competencies and development

Use competencies in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent to compare the skills, knowledge or abilities defined for a job with the skills, knowledge, and abilities that candidates and workers have already obtained. You can track certificates that a worker has earned, tests taken and education completed. Managers can then examine current and future strategic needs to help their employees shape their own objectives and identify training needed to develop the required competencies.

Compensation and benefits

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent helps you manage complex compensation activities, including defining fixed and variable compensation plans, as well as spot, cyclical, short-term, and annual bonuses. You can also manage long-term incentives, such as cash awards, stock awards, and stock options.

Employee and Manager self service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent offers a single workspace for employees to view and update their personal information, as well as upcoming courses and reviews. Employees can view work items that have been assigned to them and review their compensation. Managers can also view their organizations from a single workspace, including summaries of their team and information related to the positions, compensation and performance goals for each team member.

Analyze data with Power BI

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent takes advantage of Power BI to provide flexible and comprehensive analysis of your workforce, compensation, and training data. Each area has its own set of BI reports containing data visualizations that allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your human capital.

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Manage your data with Excel

The Talent module has many tools for importing your information. One of those tools, Microsoft Dynamics Office Add-in data connector, will help you quickly and easily add your information.

Dynamics 365 for Talent Apps

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The latest Human Resources solution, and part of the Dynamics 365 family. Dynamics 365 for Talent is the most user friendly, intuitive and role based solution currently available. It offers a rich, browser-based user experience, with workspaces tailored for specific roles in your organisation. Dynamics 365 for Talent is fully integrated with other Dynamics 365 tools like Flow, Power BI, Operations and many more. For a fixed price FourVision HR plus International offers a complete implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.