We supply services directly to you as a customer or via your Partner. For all your questions regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent or Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or Dynamics AX2012, we support you wherever possible. Additional requests like customization, training will be supported by our specialists, but only with your full knowledge and approval of your investment upfront. So we are clear upfront:

  • Who is executing the work?
  • Who is responsible?
  • Who is approving and accepting?

No open strings afterwards.


Implementations is based on common practice and your HR processes. How is your on and off boarding process? What actions do you need to take? Who is executing these actions? How do I know that these actions have been addressed? All these questions will be considered during the analysis phase and carried through to the implementation deployment. Your current or new processes are the input for the set up of Dynamics 365 for Talent.

Together with the Life Cycle Services (LCS) environment of Microsoft and the implementation methodology of FourVision, all your HR processes will become visible. LCS supports the full implementation from start to finish. We support every stage in the implementation process: Diagnostic Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment till Go live is supported by professionals

  • We offer three methods for implementation: Rapid, Agile or Waterfall.
  • We use them depending of the situation and wish from customer side.


The standard functionality of Dynamics 365 for Talent or other versions like Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and AX2012, works great. But in some cases you want, or need extra functionality. This can be provided via the specialists of FourVision. We speak the same language of your HR department and we will work with you to design and build the functionality you need to meet your business requirements.

Recovering your current HRM implementation

We understand that the implementation of HR functionality in your organization is a big challenge and a big change. We see in some cases, that the implementation is not going well, or that the final result is not meeting the expectations. We are able to recover or takeover the implementation and bring it to a good end.

Supporting interfaces to your payroll vendor

We make sure that the same payroll solution keeps working. Customers would like to maintain the current payroll vendor. So do we. We make sure that the same payroll solution keeps working in combination with Dynamics 365 for Talent or the other solutions Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or AX2012. In some cases however, customers may choose to move to another payroll vendor. There might be several reasons, such as the reliance, continuity and safety of a (new) vendor. We can create an interface to your payroll vendor via the standard interface of our apps. We only have to finalize the last mile. This (new) interface will then continue be supported by FourVision.

Customer specific reports

Do you need assistance for creating HR reports? We can support you. As HRM specialists we have the very best insight into the structure of Dynamics 365 for Talent or the other solutions. We have the skills to create any Power BI report and we speak your language

Interfaces to third party solutions like roster systems, time registration systems, ATS, job boards.

The HRM solutions often needs interfaces to other solutions. We can ensure that:

  • The necessary data via interfaces that these solutions require, and
  • That the received data will populate correctly in the Common Data Model for the Dynamics 365 for Talent and the HCM solution of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Support by new releases

When Microsoft is coming up with new releases or FourVision itself, we can support you to introduce the functionality and/or to implement it smoothly. Training your staff is always an option.

Support for your application Manager

When your current application manager is not available, or if the work pressure is just a little bit too high, we can support you by taking over certain tasks, like creating users, adjusting roles, adjusting screens, making new reports.

On-site support for your HR department

In case your HR department needs some extra hands to get the work done, we can help you. Our specialists know how the HR department works so we can start immediately.

Quality assurance

While you implement the HR functionality by a partner, it is possible that we look over the shoulder in the name of you as a customer. Sometimes a double check is saving a lot of effort in time. We are able to give a good and fair feedback about the quality of the implementation.