Meet the Specialist: Stephanie Todd

Meet the Specialist Stephanie Todd FourVision

Stephanie is an Implementation Consultant for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources Solutions. She will help implement Dynamics 365 Human Resources and FourVision’s WebApps, setting workshops, completing documentation and configuring systems.

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Personal background

Stephanie grew up and is originally from Guyana in South America. Famous for its beautiful nature and the largest unspoiled rainforest in South America.

In 2010 Stephanie moved to the UK, where she furthered her studies and attended the University of Northampton, where Stephanie gained her BCs degree in Business Computing Systems. During her time at the university, she worked as a researcher in autonomous vehicles and advanced driver systems at ABI Research, a company focused on technology research and strategic guidance on topics such as Blockchain, AI, cyber security and other transformational technologies.

When Stephanie is not working, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, playing video games and reading books about Black History. Although she is now racking up some points on Audible, she can also be found browsing the website for retro and new sneakers such as Nike Air Jordans. During our interview, Stephanie also admitted that she has way too many pairs of shoes but is still willing to get more!

Professional background

Interested in IT since her childhood, at the age of 14 Stephanie helped her mother run the family internet café after school and during the weekends. During her university years, she worked with ABI Research to research Smart Mobility and Automotive, a technology that enables autonomous vehicles and infotainment systems. After her studies, Stephanie transitioned to Microsoft Dynamics, where she works in for the past four years. The role as consultant enabled Stephanie to get out of her comfort zone while using technology to bring the best outcome for clients.

Before working for FourVision, Stephanie worked at KMPG UK and was responsible for gathering business requirements to implement Dynamics 365 using her best practices and experiences.
Stephanie is happy to be part of the evolution of technology and how it helps make our daily lives easier.

Position at FourVision

As an Implementation Consultant at FourVision, Stephanie is part of a project team. She works closely with her team and lead consultant to implement Dynamics 365 Human Resources and FourVision’s WebApps. Her duties include giving workshops, completing documentation, the configuration of systems and many more.

As part of her role, Stephanie focuses on Organizational and Personal Management, and enhancing the functionality using of FourVision’s WebApps. Her experience as a researcher contributed greatly to her technical writing skills for project documents. Because of it, she can understand the technical aspects on a document and easily translate this to clients in a digestible way.

At last, Stephanie is most looking forward to growing within her role as a consultant and help clients to get the best solution using Microsoft and FourVision Technology.

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