Meet the Specialist: Sibbi Singh

Meet the Specialist Sibbi Singh | FourVision

Sibbi Singh is an Implementation Consultant for our TES department, supporting our customers to adapt the ATS solution.


Learn all about Sibbi’s background and role at FourVision.

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Who is Sibbi Singh?

“I’m originally from India. I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and my Master’s in Human Resources and Management.

I started my career as a content analyst, then moved to HR and Salesforce. Worked in different areas of HR: Talent Acquisition, HR Operations, HR Business Partnering, and Employee Engagement.  It’s a great interest of mine to understand data and utilizing information to make an informed business decision.

In my personal time I enjoy traveling, exploring new places, and collecting stamped postcards!”

What is your job at FourVision?

“My work is to manage a part of the sales process for the TES (Talent Experience Services) department focused mainly on the ATS solution of FourVision. I provide demos and workshops to potential customers.

As an Implementation Consultant, I need to ensure that the Talent Cloud platform is designed correctly, integrated, deployed, and configured into the customer’s existing environment. Basically, in the end, create a happy customer.”

Why FourVision?

“FourVision provides a one-stop-shop for HR, giving an immense opportunity to learn and grow. My experience with different sectors will bring a different perspective onboard and, at the same time, help me further deepen my competence in HR.

Also, I really enjoy the diversity at FourVision and how easily everyone is approachable.”


We are happy to have Sibbi onboard, and we wish her all the best!

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