Meet the Specialist: Erik de Boer

Meet the Specialist Erik de Boer | FourVision

Erik is a Lead Consultant with an extensive experience in all aspects of HR/IT projects.


Learn all about Erik’s background and his role at FourVision.

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Who is Erik de Boer?

I’m a real family guy. I am proud to be married to Femke and to be the father of Haja (6 y.o.) and Mo (4 y.o.). I like to spend time with friends and family and enjoy life as much as possible.

I have worked my whole career in HR and IT and I’m familiar with all the aspects of HR/IT projects. This varies from the customer side to the system implementation side and consulting. In my work, I always try to understand the customer, their needs, requirements, and the business impact of each project I lead.

What is your job at FourVision?

Last year, I started as Independent Contractor on HR/IT projects, and in January, I stepped into the role of Solution Architect / Lead Consultant helping to implement D365 F&O (previously – D365 HR).

Why FourVision?

I have already worked with FourVision for about 5-6 years in the past. I like the international focus of FourVision (including the pressure to deliver in time and the complexity of projects). I was grateful to receive an offer to work with FourVision again!

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