The best way to offboard employees

In our latest blog, we told you how to make a new employee feel welcome at your organization. Many times, organizations forget that maintaining good relationships with leaving employees can be very valuable. This article shows you why maintaining these relationships are important and how it’s done properly.

Why is offboarding important?

As most of us know, word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to market your company. Word-of-mouth relies on high credibility since people tend to believe communications from people they know. For example, if a colleague recommends working with company A and you see an online advertisement for company B, you tend to choose for company A. When an ex-colleague with whom you maintained a good relationship comes across your business path, you often prefer to work with them over one of their competitors since you know and trust the ex-colleague.

This process also works the other way around, meaning an ex-colleague prefers working with your company above working with one of your competitors. This is the reason why offboarding is important for your company.

How do you set up an offboarding process?

Setting up an offboarding process can be just as easy as setting up your onboarding process. The first step is always an offboarding checklist. This is an internal document that is not shared with the leaving employee. The checklist contains fields about the resignation letter, notifying of the team, returning company phone and more. You can easily set up an offboarding checklist with Dynamics 365 for Talent software. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance. After you created the offboarding checklist, you are ready to start the offboarding process. The first step is always a decent farewell. Even if the employee was fired. Start off with a good exit conversation where you strive for mutual understanding. Make the farewell personal and express your appreciation for the leaving colleague.

Staying in contact

After the colleague leaves, it is important to stay in contact. Many companies host a return day once a year where the invite ex-colleagues over. Return days are a great way to stay in touch and give your company the chance to network. Maintaining good relationships with ex-colleagues helps your company build and maintain a good reputation among ex-colleagues and even helps your company to attract new talent via recommendations.

More information

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