How to welcome your new Employees with Onboarding

It is important to make your new hires feel welcome. This will give the new person a good first impression of your organization and likely work in favor of retaining your talent long-term. You can achieve this positive start to a new hire’s employment by determining what your Onboarding process should look like.

The importance of onboarding

New hires need to know how you work, what your hierarchy looks like, whom of your employees they may need at any given time, and what kind of tasks you want them to take on within their position. They have to learn about your internal structure, culture, and hierarchy to become an “important part of your daily successes.” A successful onboarding process should be consistent and able to give high-quality support to every new hire. At the same time, the setup should be adaptable and flexible so that it can be used to train all your new employees, regardless of their position within your workplace or previous experience.

The first few weeks are key to successfully onboarding the new employee. Luckily, FourVision’s brand new Onboarding Web App can help you streamline your process. Once you have a vision of what the first few weeks for the new hire should look like, you can set it up in our Onboarding Web App. You will be able to create a personal Welcome Guide for every new employee in which you save activities for them to complete, list all contacts that they may need, and attach resources in the form of documents, links, or map locations. This will improve the lives of your workforce and make your candidate experience as positive as possible.

Make sure that you set goals that are feasible and the activities attainable so as to not demotivate your new employees. It helps to schedule a review regularly to keep on top of how the new person is doing and whether you have to adjust certain activities. Onboarding helps your new talent “learn the skills and behaviors necessary to be successful in their new roles.”

Onboarding Webinar

Since Microsoft will change from Dynamics 365 HR to Dynamics 365 Human Resources on February 1st, 2020 and, with that, retire their Onboard solution, we can help you with our new Onboarding Web App! Do you want to know more about it? Then sign up for our webinar on January 30th, 2020 where we will present on how we can fully support your Onboarding process.

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