How do you make a new employee feel welcome?

You probably went through a certain type of process when you joined your current employer. Chances are it was pretty overwhelming. Since we all know first impressions are very important, you might want to consider to improve your current onboarding process. This blog will teach you how to do it with 5 simple steps.

1. Analyze your current situation

First off you need to analyze your current onboarding process. Write down an extensive overview of every step a new employee makes when he or she joins your organization. Questions that can come to mind are:

– What software does your company use?

– Who gives the new employee an office tour?

– Should your new employee introduce itself or do the other employees introduce themselves?

– How does parking work?

– Where can you lunch?

Think of the famous ‘customer journey’ and adjust it to fit your on-boarding process. Once you analyzed your current situation, look for ways to improve your process.

2. Beforehand

The onboarding process begins before the new employee has its first day at the job. Things worth mentioning are locating office keys, setting up a working station, buying software licenses, setting up a company smartphone and laptop, installing an email client and creating an email signature and more. Also, be sure to let the new employee know that you expect from them so he or she won’t feel disheartened.

3. First day on the job

The first day at the job can be very hectic. Make sure someone gives the new employee a grand tour of the office and be sure the new employee meets the other employees. The new employee also needs to learn how to properly do his or her job. This can take some serious time but this step should not be truncated. Lastly, you can let the new employee know about your rewards program, so he or she will even be more motivated from day one.

You should also give your new employee a mentor. This way the new employee always has someone to ask questions about different processes. This mentor can be dismissed as soon as the new employee is ready to stand on its own feet.

4. Handing out tasks

Don’t immediately start with big and complex projects. Let the new employee complete small and easier tasks at first so you’re giving him or her the time to get used to the new situation and to improve confidence. It also helps your new employee to not feel overwhelmed.

5. Ask for feedback

No matter how good your onboarding process might be, feedback is always very helpful to improve your onboarding process even further. Ask new employees multiple times what they think about the process. This will also let the new employee know you are concerned about them which will leave a positive impression.

Onboarding software

Dynamics 365 for Talent contains onboarding software that enables your company to automate specific onboarding processes through different steps so a new employee can fit in with the organization’s culture and quickly contribute to its growth. The software consists of onboarding templates that feature a series of activities like background checks, following up references, tasks for the HR department and more. If you have a question about HR processes feel free to ask us via our live chat on the bottom right of your screen. If you want to request a demo of Dynamics 365 for Talent, fill in the form below and we will contact you.

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