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Meet the Specialist: Mike de Laat

By FourVision
Sep 7 • 1 min read
Meet the Expert - Mike de Laat FourVision

With years of experience in fast growing organizations, Mike can help FourVision with internal systems, processes and procedures with his knowledge and adequate leadership.

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Personal life

Mike grew up in a small Dutch village called Leende, which is nearby the city of Eindhoven. When he decided to move out of his parents house, he moved to the village of Valkenswaard. Mike still lives here to this day. He enjoys golf, snowboarding, spending time with friends and family, music, a good glass of wine, sitting on a terrace and cooking. He cooks with a culinary guild called the Bragondiers. This groups exists of 14 enthusiastic hobby cooks in the Brabant region that try out diverse recipes.

Professional career

After finishing his study Commercial Economics, Mike started his professional career at Volmac (which later became Capgemini) in 1986 where he was initially trained to become a Cobol programmer. Mike later became Technical Consultant, Functional Consultant, DBA Team leader and Project Manager at this company, prior toICTopus, where he became partner. This start-up focused on SAP. It was at ICTopus where Mike started a new unit that focused on Microsoft Axapta (later known as Microsoft Dynamics AX). After 13 years at this company, Mike joined the Dutch division of Crimsonwing (now known as KPMG Crimsonwing). Here, he worked as COO and later as Managing Director. Mike reflects on his time spent at these two companies: “I especially liked the first years at ICTopus and Crimsonwing because of the immense growth and the need to constantly adapt to new situations”.

Position at FourVision

At FourVision, Mike holds the role of Operations Manager. This means that he is responsible for managing the Support and Consultancy departments at FourVision, as well as customer related developments. His intention is to do this in a way to make customers happy and FourVision is in control of the situation. With years of experience in fast growing organizations, Mike can help FourVision with internal systems, processes and procedures. Mike looks forward to help out in every possible way to deliver successful products and services to FourVision’s customers. He aims to build strong teams with the capacity to improve itself on the go.

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