What to Eat during the Community Summit in Barcelona?

When: Community Summit 29 & 30 June – 1 & 2 July 2020
Where: Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

After spending your days working, networking, and presenting during this year’s Community Summit, you are bound to get hungry! There are some classic dishes and treats that we would like to try out ourselves, too. Perhaps you would like to join us for one of those meals!

Start the Day Well

Let’s begin with breakfast! Though going out for breakfast is not popular in Barcelona, going to the bakery to get some lovely pastries is. One option is a treat called Xuixo which is deep fried pastry reminiscent of a doughnut and filled with custard. Perhaps your hotels will offer this and if not, try to find a bakery and go get some! If it sounds a bit too sweet for breakfast then just make it your afternoon snack!

Lunch, Anyone?

Who doesn’t know Paella? Most people will have heard of it or have even tried it before. To eat an authentic paella in Barcelona, make sure to eat it in places where there are no English signs out. These are the places that the locals will visit to enjoy their favorite version of the Paella. Lunch is often eaten in the afternoon and is considered to be the main meal of the day.

Dinner Dates

Lunch is the main meal of the day which means the evening is used to share tapas! There are many variations to tapas but one we can definitely recommend you try is patatas bravas! A spiced potato dish to share together. Other options include cold cuts, spicy peppers, different types of cold and hot fish dishes, small sandwiches, and so many other options you can eat tapas every night and still not have tried everything!

Don’t forget to Have a Drink

Coffee? Isn’t that Italian? Yes, it is. But the coffee boom arrived in Spain a few years ago. The most recent and trending option is called a Cortado; espresso with steamed milk. So, since you could likely use the caffeine, why not try this Spanish version during the Summit?

In addition, you could wash down your tapas with some tasty Cava, or Sangria. Though the latter is most often associated with Spain, Cava is the more popular drink in Barcelona. Worth trying out, surely.

Needless to say, there are so many more things you could try while in Barcelona! We are curious to hear what you will be trying. Churros perhaps? Or Crema Catalana? Let us know! Maybe we will see each other, or try out a dish together during the week of the Summit.

Presenting FourVision

We will be presenting on four separate occasions during the summit. Join us during one of the planned sessions. If you have not reserved your tickets yet, then go do that now!

March 9th, 2020 @ 2 pm: 30-minute partner showcase where we will talk about how we can start working together.

March 9th, 2020 @ 6:25pm: 15-minute session on opening night.

March 10th, 2020 @ 4:30 pm: 1-hour End-User showcase in which we are going to tell you how we can streamline your HR processes.

March 11th, 2020 @ 5:50 pm: 15-minute session in the Community Theater about our brand!

We also offer on the spot live demo’s. Book one below. You can find us at booth M4.

About us

FourVision is Microsoft’s global leading Dynamics 365 Human Resources implementation partner. We have successfully implemented HR platforms in a variety of industries across multiple Microsoft environments for over a decade. FourVision also delivers an impressive suite of Web Apps that extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

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