Celebrating 8 Years at FourVision – Hans de Jong

Today is the day that Hans celebrates 8 years at FourVision. Within these years, a lot has been changed at FourVision. Hans reflects on his time at the company and tells us something about himself.

Could you tell something about yourself?

“I live in Nijmegen, the next city over from our Arnhem office. I grew up in the city of Venlo and graduated from university in Nijmegen. Because of my passion for ICT, I started to work for FourVision. My big passion is volleyball. On the weekends I referee games.”

What area do you specialize in?

“I specialize in leave, sickness, and payroll.”

How do you look back at 8 years at FourVision?

“FourVision developed and grew exponentially. Back in the days we mainly focused on Microsoft Dynamics AX. We decided to swift our business towards Dynamics 365 for Talent and belonging web apps to cover the needs of our customers. In all of those years, my work has never been boring and there was always enough to do!”

What makes FourVision special to you?

“The short lines of communication make it easy for me to feel involved with implementations, products, training, sales demos, and Web Apps. I love the variety in my work while still being labeled a specialist.”

How do you see the future?

“I hope to work for FourVision for many more years to come. My personal objective is to keep my knowledge about the different Microsoft solutions up-to-date. I also want to keep improving my knowledge and my communication skills, since they can always be improved!”

Celebrating 8 Years at FourVision – Hans de Jong

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