Barcelona: The City of Marvels

The Community Summit on 29 & 30 June – 1 & 2 July 2020 will take place in Barcelona this year. Are you excited? We are! We cannot wait to meet you (again!). While a lot of our time will be spent at the Summit, working, there should also be time for relaxation. That is why we did some research on the city of Barcelona itself to find out what is a must-see in the time frame that we would have during the Summit!

An Open-air Museum Feel

So let’s dive in with some art and architecture. Barcelona as a whole can be considered as an open-air museum that you can walk through at your leisure. Many sights in the city are listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Not only will you see the grand Barcelona Cathedral and exceptionally stunning architecture throughout, but you can also see the famous Basilica of La Sagrada Familia!

Gaudí Art Abound

If you are more interested in art, then go to Güell Park! It is said to be one of the most beautiful and important Modernist works of art in the world. Designed by Antoni Gaudí to resemble the concept of English garden cities popular in the late 1800s, although the residential buildings were never realized. The entire park portrays a garden and simulates the shapes found in nature.

Barcelona Sports

Are you more of an active soccer fan? Well, did you know that you can visit Camp Nou Stadium, the home of FC Barcelona since 1957? It is possible to visit, even in the off-season when there is no soccer match. It sounds like a great experience to have. Who doesn’t want to say that they have been to the (probably) most famous soccer stadium in Europe!

Exploring Las Ramblas!

By the end of the day, surely you will have worked up quite the appetite. That would be the best time to wander along the Las Ramblas! With over 1 kilometer (¾ miles) of outdoor markets, shops, cafes, restaurants the Las Ramblas is the perfect place to find some local cuisine or do some extra shopping. The boulevard is famous for the good, bad, and ugly it holds across the same street. Most of all, you should enjoy the stroll down the street starting from Plaça Catalunya all the way to the harbor at Port Vell.

In any case, we hope to see you during the Summit. Perhaps we can meet for a stroll along one of the famous landmarks or historic sites that can be found throughout the city! We are ready, are you?

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