The importance of onboarding in post-covid times

Onboarding is one of the most essential HR processes. Its success largely defines if an employee develops positive expectations about their role within your business and how well they will perform in the long run. Did you know that 28% employees leave their job within their first 90 days?

The pandemic has altered the way we work: from primarily on-site to hybrid-first. How to adapt and ensure seamless onboarding in post-covid times?

Make an effort

Even if your organization is fully remote, don’t assume that the onboarding process will run smoothly as other processes in your business. Take your time to communicate to new hires, get to know them and connect them with key stakeholders. As for feedback and by on standby mode to answer their questions and address concerns. As simple as it sounds, make an effort to make them part of your working family.

Have a concreate plan

Having an onboarding checklist benefits everybody: your HR (to streamline the process), your hiring manager (to manage and track progress) and new employee themselves (to stay on track and feel confident about the upcoming steps). Download our FREE onboarding checklist template to get started!

Implement better onboarding software

Let’s be honest: onboarding software is a must for mid- to large- sized organizations. And it gets more important in post-covid times, when most of us work hybrid. How to find one that works for you? Here’s the checklist:

  • It serves your onboarding needs, without compromise.
  • It scales as your organizations expands.
  • It is easily integrated with your core HRM platform.
  • It supports one source of HR data (single source of truth) in your organization.
  • It’s GDPR compliant.

Test, verify, alternate

Adjusting your HR processes, including onboarding, to the post-covid era means trying new thing. We cannot find the solution to the new situation with our old tools, can we? So conduct experiment and discover what works for your business and our culture.

FourVision Boarding Web App

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The importance of onboarding employees

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