Creating a seamless experience to access apps via D365HR

User adoption is a key component in any transformation journey. The idea of using Dynamics 365 Human Resources as a central area for employees and managers to navigate, is very powerful. Moreover, this will help quite significantly in user adoption. The scenarios to fit this idea can be as simple as adding a global company website that can be accessed by all employees or an extended Web App from FourVision or an internal career portal.

There are 3 features in Dynamics 365 Human Resources to achieve this:

1. Create a workspace on the landing page

This is accessible for all employees, managers, administrators across the company. In fact, a common website, Sharepoint, or an internal career portal can be a perfect fit to use this feature. Below you can see a quick snapshot of me accessing the FourVision website via Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Create a seamless experience web apps Dynamics 365


2. Add links on Employee Self Service page

Secondly, in a scenario where an employee faces extended application needs to exposed for navigation on Dynamics 365 Human Resources, a very simple option is to use the URL’s on Employee Self Service page. A quick snapshot of how an employee can access this URL on Dynamics 365 Human Resources Employee Self Service below:

web apps Dynamics 365


3. Add links on Manager Self Service page

Thirdly, if you have any manager or team lead specific applications that need to be accessed only by people who have direct reports, then expose the navigation to those extended applications by adding a link on Manager Self Service. This is the most secure way to do it. A quick snapshot of how a manager can access this URL via Dynamics 365 Human Resources Manager Self Service below:

Dynamics 365 Web apps experience

These three features should help your organization in creating a better experience in Dynamics 365 Human Resources. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via our live chat. You can do so by clicking the orange icon in the bottom right of your screen.

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