About us

We have literally seen every business case

FourVision HR Plus is the Global specialist for implementing the HR functionality of Dynamics. Whether Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX2012, we have implemented the HR solutions in a variety of industries. Our HR Plus add on with the latest apps are partly the result of the array of specific requests of existing customers and new prospects.

We have implemented for more than 60 companies at once, imported more than 100,000 employment records for a single organisation and interfaced the HR module to other third party solutions such as time registrations, digital files, ATS solutions, job boards and absence systems.

Experts in Dynamics HRM since 2004

FourVision was the first Microsoft partner with dedicated focus on the HRM module of Dynamics 365 and still offering these services under the same company name. We have a long history of knowledge of the HRM module in the different Dynamics versions, starting with Dynamics 3 up through the latest Dynamics 365 for Talent. These HR module has no secrets for us.

We have implemented the HRM module since then. The experience of all these years has been culmulated in different implementation approaches to match the needs of our customers.

We are involved upfront before every new release of the HR module of Dynamics 365. As a trusted partner of Microsoft, we are a member of the early adopter program of Microsoft. We provide Microsoft the right input and we get the right insight background you need as a customer for a smooth implementation.

Fully standardized

FourVision implements the HRM module in one of three standardized ways, based on the right fit for you: Rapid, Waterfall or Agile, we can provide support in each methodology.

A rapid approach means delivering a predefined standard solution, which is then finalized in the setup. After the explanation we support a proper data migration, authorization and training of the staff. The system is ready for use. From there we can expand further use of the HRM module.

A Waterfall approach puts heavy emphasis on the analysis phase. Most of the time is spent in getting all areas on the same page, and pointed in the right direction. This happens often in an international implementation of the HR module. After the analysis the system is set up all at one time. Where gaps are identified in that analysis phase, any development takes place in parallel. After the data migration and the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) the go live is the next and final phase.

For Agile we go step by step in phases through the system. Per phase we implement and deliver a part of the needed functionality. After the last phase we will migrate the master data and train the staff in using the HRM module just before the go live date.

For all the three approaches, we have a go live and after live support plan available.

Ready to implement and support

FourVision implementation consultants are available all over the world. This could be a FourVision consultant or a resource through one of our own partners, trained by FourVision.