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Identifying your high performing talent is essential to the survival of your organization. You want to keep your best staff and make use of their skills. It is in any organization’s best interest to ensure that employees can reach their full potential.

But, what if, one of the high-potential employees in a leading position leaves the organization? It will create a gap in your hierarchy that is likely to throw your workflows off balance. There are strategies that can be applied to prevent panic because you have identified successors for all of the key roles. These strategies are known as Succession Plans.

Benefits of Succession Planning

A good strategy to identify your successors for all key positions will strengthen the business processes and set the organization up for long-term success. Setting it up will require conversations and good performance management.

Having identified the high-potential employees, allows for a structured and organized training plan if necessary. This will allow the employees to gradually take on more responsibilities and gives them time to learn new skills or gain more experience even before you need them as the successors.

Having a well thought-out succession planning strategy in place will help form a clear vision of what direction the organization should go into and what is needed to achieve the goal.

Succession Planning Web App

With our Succession Planning Web App you can identify your talent easily and quickly by tracking performance and determining potential.

We can help your organization configure talent grids suited to match your succession needs supporting employee development and workforce management.

Organizational charts allow organizations to oversee the hierarchical structure of the entire workforce and help manage teams with accurate employee statistics facilitating efficient and informed decision-making.

Coming Soon

We are always working to increase the functionality of our Web Apps to meet new demands that make workforce management and employee management and development.

That is why we are working on merging the Succession planning Web App as a configuration and license switch within the Performance Management Web App and, with that, an integration with Teams.

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