Meet the Specialist: Sanne de Groot

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Personal background

Sanne was born and raised in Arnhem, The Netherlands. She still lives here to this day. After graduating from high school, she attended the HAN University of Applied Sciences where she obtained her BA in Communications. Sanne enjoys running. She sometimes attends marathons but also runs shorter distances. Next to running, Sanne claims music is an important part of her live she can’t live without. Other hobbies include reading (long) books, exploring cities, going to festivals and playing pop quizzes.

Background professional

Sanne had her first job at a University of Applied Sciences, where she would help with the open days for new students. Her second job was Project Manager at an advertising agency where she managed lots of offline projects. Later, she became an Implementation Consultant. About her previous positions, Sanne especially liked being in a central position. She likes to be the spider in the web between customers and clients.

Position at FourVision

At FourVision, Sanne holds the role of Engagement Manager. In this role, she helps out with leading migrations and implementations regarding the Phenom Recruitment platform. Sanne is looking forward to contacting customers, solving their problems, and learning them to work with confidence in the Phenom platform. Moreover, she looks forward to working closely with her fellow colleagues.

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