Meet the Specialist: Kamal Radhakrishnaiah

Meet the Specialist Kamal FourVision

As Lead Consultant, Kamal is responsible for the successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources and FourVision’s Web Apps.

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Personal Life

Kamal grew up in southern India. After completing his Bachelors of Engineering, Kamal decided he wanted to go into a different direction. He completed his Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Information Technology and Human Resources. Kamal has always been interested in Human Resources, but he developed his passion at his job at Oracle and his MBA. Next to Human Resources, Kamal enjoys reading books, cycling and camping.

Professional career

Kamal started his career  at Oracle, where he had a Consultancy role exploring PeopleSoft HCM and the Oracle Cloud HCM. In these functions, Kamal enjoyed the engagement with the customers across the world the most. Furthermore, Kamal likes the interaction with the product and other consulting team members within the companies he worked in the past. The ability to meet new people with different backgrounds and cultures is something Kamal enjoys in his current and previous jobs.

Position at FourVision

In his role of Lead Consultant, Kamal works with customers on their digital HR transformation. He redefines and optimizes their HR processes to align it with the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Human Resources and FourVision Web Apps. Kamal also helps them to make the most of the Microsoft IT solution investments to support their HR business processes.

What experience does Kamal bring to the table?

All the lessons learned over the years with helping customers transforming their digital HR landscape are of great value to the FourVision team and in customer engagements and interactions with product development teams. Working with cross cultural and cross geographical teams would be helpful on a day to day basis. Kamal enjoys to contribute in the best possible ways in customer engagements and the strategic long term vision of FourVision.

Kamal is active in the Microsoft community via his blog nocodehr. You can connect with Kamal via his blog, or LinkedIn and Twitter to talk about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, Power Platform, and FourVision Web Apps.

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