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Meet the Specialist: Ana Ines Urrutia

By FourVision
Sep 1 • 1 min read
Meet Ana Ines Urrutia Consultant at FourVision

Ana looks forward to add value to the FourVision team and hopes to learn a lot from her colleagues and clients.

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Personal background

Ana grew up in Solymar, a city close to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. She has always been interested in Human Resources, so she decided that she wanted to study this subject. After graduating, Ana decided she wanted to study for a degree in Psychology with a specialization in Human Resources, from which she graduated in December 2017.

In her spare time, Ana enjoys taking pictures of nature and architecture. She also loves trying new things that push herself to the limit, like exploring the great landscapes of PerĂº. She hiked to the Laguna 69, an elevated place of 4600 meters from sea level! Besides this, Ana also enjoys eating great food, travelling and going for a casual hike.

Professional career

Ana started her career at a well known sports club in Uruguay where she was an HR assistant. At this club she was in charge of the administrative processes and paperwork. In this role she decided that she wanted to improve HR processes and make her own role ‘smarter’. From previous work experiences, she liked the fact that she had the chance to experience difference positions within different organizations. This way, Ana was able to understand common problems and pain points for the industries she worked in. She learned from every role a lesson or two which made her the person she is today.

Position at FourVision

At FourVision, Ana has the role of Implementation Consultant for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Anas’ background in HR can help FourVision with implementation projects. She hopes to make clients feel understood from a functional HR side so she can improve the lives of the workforces FourVision is working with.

Ana looks forward to add value to the FourVision team and hopes to learn a lot from her colleagues and clients.


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