The expertise for support is available when you need it. The services for support are bug fixing, updates, new releases and personal assistance. Typical support questions are mostly operational questions, regarding the use and functionality of the software, trouble shooting and generic ‘How do I ….’ questions. FourVision is offering Customers and Partners (VAR’s) support services. We provide support services to the Partners who are responsible for the support towards their customers (end-users) or the Customers directly. The support is offered by the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and is part of an annual Support Agreement.


During regular Service Hours incidents can be reported, replied to, and solved. The regular service hours for our offices are between 8.30 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. (local time). Inside and outside the regular service hours, incidents can be reported by filling in the support template and send them to Replying to incidents and solving incidents will be done during regular service hours.

If a problem emerges that cannot be sorted out during the service hours or in the required time, both parties will contact the right persons as described in the SLA to deal with the situation.


Reported incidents will be categorized by the partner or the customer. The incident category determines its priority, and how fast you may expect FourVision is responding. The category can be changed by FourVision, in coordination with the Customer or the Partner. Ultimately, the complexity of an issue determines the time it takes to solve the incident. FourVision will respond to the incidents based on the incident category and within the regular service hours, within the following timeframe:

Category Response Time Description
A Two (2) hours There is no workable situation. The cause of the incident makes it impossible for the company to execute key activities. Payroll cannot be processed anymore.
B Eight (8) hours A problem in the operational programming that causes substantial disturbances of essential company activities. This cannot be solved with a temporary workaround.
C Twenty four (24)hours A non-essential problem in the programming. The end user can still do his job and/or an alternative is available.

FourVision HR Plus will endeavor to resolve incidents, based on the incident category and within regular service hours, within the following timeframe:

Remote support

If necessary, FourVision connects to (via remote control) the location of your application. In this way, we can come to an effective problem determination and based on that, to a solutions direction. We use TeamViewer as a tool.

Support system

The highly trained specialists of FourVision will assess every support call and give the proper feedback direct to you as a Dynamics 365 user or via the Visual Studio Team Services, your Cloud Powered Support. You only have to make one support call, and we will respond directly.

Onsite support

Onsite support is a great option if you need more support and it is not useful or possible to deliver this by Phone or Remote solutions. If there is a problem with the software, this will be covered by the license agreement. If the activities relate to application support, Technical support or Training Consultancy, services will be charged at the current consultancy rates.

Support Lifecycle

FourVision follows the support policy of Microsoft in case of standard support for the existing versions of Dynamics 365 of Dynamics AX. As long as Microsoft is supporting standardly, the existing versions of Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX, FourVision will also supports the related HR Plus versions or Talent Apps.


Is your company down because of the software and there is no work-around available, you can contact the local office of FourVision directly and ask your question(s) to the local support professional.