Mushrooms industry

External time registration solutions

One of our customers is world market leader in developing and producing reliable, top quality mushroom substrates. They use the HR module of Dynamics for collecting the time of external time registration machines. All the time, working time, overtime, will be converted to variable wagelines and send to a local payroll vendor. This process works completely automatically.

Retail clothing


An international retail company is opening a shop per week. They need 10 employees per shop. By using the Recruitment module of Dynamics 365 they are able to handle hundreds of candidates per day.

HR Request

HR Request

An international stock based listed UK company is using the HR module of Dynamics. The best functionality for them is in a structured way communicating between the HR department and all the employees and manager via HR Request. Instead of sending lots of e-mails, per subject you can now as a question or request information. Like benefits, pension, loan items, fiscal aspects, etc. The employee can see the status of the request and all the HR staff can internally allocate the question to an individual HR employee.

Law firm

ESS, MSS, Succession planning, Leave & Absence

An international law firm, active in 12 countries, worldwide, was looking for a fully integrated ERP solution. The HR module of Dynamics 365 for Operations is in use for the HR department. Employees and managers are using ESS and MSS, Succession planning for Leave and Absence, Employment details. They have now one policy for the recruitment process for all their subsidiaries.

Rental company

Overtime and allowances via Timesheets

For a rental company of cranes employees are using timesheets where leave and absence are prefilled in. Overtime can be calculated automatically and based on location and other legal or union rules, allowances are calculating. The blue-collar worker just need to fill in their from/till time or only the number of hours. TimeSheet Plus calculates automatically the working time, the overtime, Time in Lieu, Allowances, and convert them to wagelines or adjust the leave balances.

Cookies chocolate chip

Using Leave for blue collar workers

Employees are able to fill in their Leave request on the Self-Service portal of Dynamics AX2012. Even low educated workers are easily able to make a leave request. Via the workflow a manager approve the request. Management sees directly the productivity of their own staff and all the temp workers in one system. Time registration is directly linked to the HR module of Dynamics. The time transactions are send to the local payroll system of Unit4. Based on gamification staff knows directly what courses they need to follow to become more valuable for the employer.

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Quick implementation

Moving quickly from the existing AX2009 to the latest Dynamics 365 for Operations version was the goal of a very large Museum. The current, external, payroll vendor should remain. Multiple employments must be available. Different types of collective labor agreements should be supported. All happened in 6 months and the customer is live and running.

Technology solution company

Interface with ADP

Streamline Europe’s largest independent technology solutions company, based in multiple countries, is using Dynamics 365 to streamline the HR processes. For payroll, they are using one vendor, ADP, and one system for doing the payroll in multiple countries. This process is streamlined with the Streamline solution of ADP. Via the standard interface of HR Plus, ADP receives payroll related data, including Leave and Sickness data, to process the pay slips, journals for the General Ledger and other local reports

Blue collar work construction

International HR roll out in 35 countries in 6 months as replacement of SAP HR

For a new company, acquired by an equity firm, FourVision did a roll out of the HR module of Dynamics to replace SAP HR in 6 months time in 35 countries, worldwide (China, Japan, USA, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Spain, UK and many more). Time was key. Because of limited amount of time the customer was only allowed to use their old SAP system for a short period of 9 months.

Waste management

Large customers

A large waste management has now, with Dynamics 365 for Operations, a complete overview of their 8,000 employees. Headcount gives a great insight in their own staff. Via Power BI graphical overviews of the staff based on gender, age and location are available for the HR department as well as managers. The HR department can start now with an active HR strategy for the next coming years. One single point of truth for the employee. From a dozen HR tools to one single HR system for Leave and Absence, Course management, Employee and Employment data.