A workplace incident can occur at every organization. Even if you focus on safety, incidents happen. 337 million workplace accidents happen worldwide. 3,2 million of these accidents eventually led to death of someone involved. In order to improve your workplace safety it is important to evaluate every accident to make sure they don't happen again.

Correct incident reporting is crucial for your company, the hospital, insurance company and the government. In this article we tell you what you should list on your workplace indecent report.

What should you report?

-  Date, time, location, unit number
-  Accident circumstances
-  Witnesses' accounts of the incident
-  Resident's account of the incident
-  Resident symptoms before the incident
-  Resident symptoms after the incident
-  Vital observations after the incident
-  Resident activity father the incident
-  Faulty equipment or environmental hazards contributing to the incidents
-  New risk factors after the incident
-  Actions taken by organization to prevent or reduce likeliness of another incident

Web app for reporting workplace incidents

The FourVision Health & Safety Web App is made to report and track injuries, sickness and dangerous workplace incidents. Any workplace incident is unfortunate and sets off a number of administrative tasks required for regulatory compliance. The Health & Safety Web App is a powerful tool to report any workplace incident. The web app is fully integrated with Power BI for real-time analytics and is GDPR compliant. Feel free to contact us if you need more information about reporting workplace incidents or if you would like a demo of the Health & Safety Web App.