FourVision’s First Certified Trainer for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for talent

Esther is an HCM Implementation Consultant and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. She specializes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. Alongside this, she is also an external trainer for Microsoft and gives training on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, and the Distribution and trade and Financial Management sections in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Aspirations of becoming a teacher

Esther de Maar has always aspired to be a teacher from a young age. After obtaining her degree in Finance, she began a preschool teaching degree (PABO) but as this included completing a non-paid internship for several months and due to the circumstances at the time [living alone], she decided it was no longer a good idea. Ultimately, she still accomplished her desire to teach in some form as she is now a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trainer.

“Follow your heart. You should always follow your heart,” These are the words of advice that Esther would tell herself at age 16.

Family-like culture at FourVision

Esther describes the culture at FourVision as one big family which she deeply likes. She considers herself to be part of a very social and open minded team

A Hip Hop fanatic and passionate Breakdancer

A surprising fact about the MCT trainer is that she used to be a female breakdancer. In 1985, she began dancing Hip Hop and continued to do so for a long time. To this day, the avid breakdancer is still a huge Hip hop fan and still listen to 80’s hip hop music.

Method to overcoming work challenges

A frequent challenge that Esther comes across in her line of work is continuously adjusting her training style and teaching method to every classroom of students. The technique that the MCT trainer uses to ease this challenge consists of figuring out the level of experience of her students at the commencement of the training and being prepared beforehand to teach to students of any experience level.

Often, there are students with mixed level of experiences – some very experienced, others little to none. An effective way to stimulate interaction and assist learning is by grouping students into groups of 4 with equal number of highly experienced and less experienced students.

“Always listen to the student,” advises Esther to others in her profession as a Trainer.

Inspired by persevering and optimistic individuals

Our MCT trainer is deeply inspired by people who maintain a positive outlook on life despite the hardships and tribulations they have faced. In Vietnam, she met a man who had a little shop by the beach and spoke fluent English. He let her know that he studied medicine but during the Vietnam war he was imprisoned and instructed to carry out heavy work which resulted in the loss of his fine motor skills needed to become a surgeon. He built the little shop by the beach to earn a living and despite the unfortunate events, he was still a very happy being. These are the exact kind of individuals that inspire Esther massively.

A typical day as a Trainer and HCM Consultant

On a usual day, our HR specialist travels to the location where the training is being held and if this is abroad, she arrives one day prior to familiarize herself with her surroundings. It is no secret who the attendees of the training are, but their level of experience on ERP or Dynamics 365 is always a surprise and because of this the actual training style and method varies each time.

A typical day as an HCM Implementation consultant depends on which stage the implementation project is at. Esther could either be presenting all the functionality of the Talent solution to a client or gathering all the client data needed to import into the application.

“A successful person is someone who has a perfect balance between their work and personal life,” said the avid breakdancer as her definition of success.

CEO or Manager for a day

Neither a CEO role nor a manager role spark the HCM Consultant’s interest. She recognizes that this is a job role that she would not excel and thus has no desire in ever pursuing that position.

Leading Onboarding and training sessions internally

Esther applies her skills gained as a Microsoft Trainer here at FourVision. One instance of this was when she led an onboarding session with two new colleagues that joined FourVision. She also has several opportunities planned in the nearby future to apply her skills as a trainer.