How our Onboarding Web App enhances Dynamics 365 Human Resources to help your Clients

We feel strongly that the digital transformation of any HR solution should be done thoroughly, speedy and certainly without much inconvenience to daily business processes. As Microsoft Gold Partner we are able to help you implement Dynamics 365 Human Resources at your clients’ and enhance the system with our own developed Web Apps. We want to work together to find the best possible solution for your clients’ new HRM solution.

In some business cases, the standard out-of-the-box Microsoft functionality of Dynamics 365 Human Resources covers all the HR needs of an organization. In others, your client may need more than the Core HR solution to support and automize their processes to relieve the human resources department of many manual administrative tasks. This is why we began creating flexible, Cloud-based Web Apps; so that we can meet the requirements of any organization all over the world.

Our experience derives from countless successful Dynamics 365 HR implementations shows that we excel at resolving complicated business challenges with our established Best Practice Approach for implementing new HRM software.

Your clients requested your help because they want their organization to become more organized, and relieved of needlessly complicated and time-consuming HR tasks necessary during all stages of the employee lifecycle; from hire to retire. Since Microsoft will change their HR software to Dynamics 365 Human Resources on February 1st, 2020, and with it, retire the incorporated Attract and Onboard solutions, we believed that an essential element was now missing. That element being Onboard which is why we developed our Onboarding Web App.

It is likely that some of your clients have questions regarding Microsoft’s change or that you wonder how you can continue answering your clients’ wishes for a complete hiring process with Dynamics 365 Human Resources. That is why we would like to invite you to join our live webinar! We will answer your most asked questions and give a detailed demonstration of our Onboarding Web App so that you can see how your clients may benefit from this.

Our Live Webinar will take place at 4pm CET on Thursday January 30th, 2020.