By now, we are pretty sure you have already read countless articles about the best way to prepare for a job interview as a potential employee. This article focusses on the employee that conducts the interview. What is the best way to conduct a job interview in order to attract the right employees for your organization?

Preparation is key

A good preparation results in a streamlined interview. You already know what you are looking for in an employee and you know which questions to ask, so with good preparation you are able to ask further questions about the things candidates say without being distracted. Improve your preparation by:

Job description

Be sure you mentioned a detailed job description in the job offer. This way, you will have to interview less candidates that are not fit for the job. For some jobs like marketing managers or general manager, job descriptions can vary vastly. Write down an accurate job description and what you expect from a the employee.

Ask candidates the same questions

By asking your candidates the same questions, you can easily compare them afterwards helping you make the right choice. As mentioned above, you should always further question candidates to get insightful information. However, keep around 10 questions you will consistently ask each candidate in order to compare them.


After you got your preparation done, it is time to conduct the interview. Be sure to plan enough time for each interview to prevent need of time. We recommend you to use the order stated below:

General introduction

Be very aware on the way you introduce yourself, since it will set the tone of the conversation. If you are working for a formal organization, you should not act too casual and vice versa. Treat candidates with respect and put them at easy if they are nervous. Be sure to offer them something to drink. Keep in mind that you should tidy your interview room up, since a messy room could leave a bad impression. Start the conversation by telling something about yourself and your organization and start off with telling something about the position. You can be more detailed than in the job description.

Asking questions

Once you told the applicant something about your organization, the listing and yourself, it is time to interview the applicant. Always start off with some generalized questions to get to know the applicant better. These type of questions tend to increase applicant confident, which often results in a better conversation. You can ask about the applicants’ background or general interests. As soon as the applicant speaks confidently, you can ask about their interest in the position and how they contribute to your company.

After this, you can ask the applicant about their resume. Be sure to ask specific questions about responsibilities, pressures they encountered and other job details. Also ask about why the candidate left/ is leaving their last job. Don’t forget to give applicants enough room to ask you questions about the job or the company. This will tell you if applicants put in enough time in their own preparation and whether they are seriously interested. As mentioned above, put some consistency in your questions so you can easily compare different applicants in a later stage.

These steps should help you conduct the perfect interview. If you need more information about job interviews or HR in general, feel free to contact us using the live chat in the bottom right of your screen.