Focus EMEA 2018 London

Focus, the premiere user group conference is making a stop in London 5-6 September and FourVision will be present. Brought to you by the Dynamics 365 User Group, this is the go-to conference for concentrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 learning in the form of deep-dive sessions.


Indulge in advanced, deep-dive, 90-minute sessions on exclusive topics presented by Microsoft, MVPs and the best Subject Matter Experts in the Market. Among those experts, is our very own Bert Stegeman who will provide a comprehensive overview of Microsoft’s modern and innovative approach to HR & Talent management as well as provide insight on the FourVision Web Apps that extend and enhance the functionality of the Talent solution.

Catch the session on the 6th of September at 9:45 AM.


Take advantage of the strategically planned networking time to further connect and engage with the experts who are leading the sessions or with peers who are in similar roles as you

Don’t miss out and take this 2 day ‘deep dive’ learning opportunity on exclusive topics that will sharpen your skills to further your job role, career and product investment.