Meet the Specialist: Ilona Boussif

Meet the Specialist Ilona-Boussif | FourVision

Ilona Boussif is our new Business Development Manager. She is taking care of customers during the whole sales process.

Learn all about Ilona’s background and role at FourVision.

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Personal background

Ilona grew up in the northwestern part of Poland, about thirty minutes from the German border. Poland was still a communist country then, and Ilona still clearly remembers that era. The terrible queues at the supermarkets for basics such as coffee or sugar, which is nowadays unthinkable!

Currently, Ilona will begin her part-time MBA at the IU University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Furthermore, she has degrees in Business management in finance and financial services and a level 5 BAFM (British Institute of Facilities Management).

In Ilona’s free time, she likes to attend the gym regularly and is soon going back to her old passion, Krav Maga. Aside from working out and staying fit, Ilona enjoys craft making, family and friends’ gatherings, playing with her daughters and finally, teaching her parrot to speak new words!

One last fun fact about Ilona. About 15 years ago, she obtained the highest security license in the UK, which is the International Close Protection Officer, which is also known as a bodyguard license. So now we are protected!

Professional background

Ilona’s first-ever job was when she moved to London more than 25 years ago. She started working for the Montana Hotel on Gloucester Road in South Kensington. Later in 1998, she started a very successful cleaning company and later worked at several other companies.

Before Ilona started working at FourVision, she was part of the Berkeley Group Plc. During her time at Berkeley, she obtained many opportunities to grow and invest in herself. Through them, she obtained a Health & Safety degree and the Level 5 BAFM Facility management diploma. Aside from the two certificates mentioned, Ilona could learn other courses such as Project Management.

What she especially liked about her previous job was the flexibility in her role. Although she had her regular duties, other tasks that generally Ilona doesn’t do, came in the line of her regular duties. Other things to do other than the regular job, always made her day more interesting.

Position at FourVision

At FourVision, Ilona has the role of Business Development Manager. Her role is sales-related and she is taking care of customers during the whole sales process.

Ilona brings to FourVision her wide range of experience in sales, marketing, customer service, training and HR. This will allow her to help fill gaps in the company, keep control over processes and meet customer expectations.

Lastly, Ilona is most looking forward to see where FourVision will be in a year or two and further down the line.

We are delighted to have Ilona onboard, and we wish her all the best in her new role at our sales department!

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