Meet the Specialist: Erwin de Wildt


As Talent Experience Implementation Consultant, Erwin is responsible for the implementation of the Phenom Talent Experience Platform

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Personal background

Erwin grew up in Deventer, a beautiful Hanse city in the Netherlands. After he studied Psychology at the University of Twente, he finished his Master in European Studies at the University of Leuven. In the summer, you can find Erwin going on a festival tour across Europe with his friends. In the winter time, you can find him going down the slopes of the beautiful Alps!

Professional background

Erwin started his professional career as a Recruiter for the Executive search agency NonStop Recruitment. Here, he learned a lot about the world of Recruitment and how it mixes with Human Resources. After this job, Erwin made the step to where he worked as a Recruiter. It was at this job where Erwin made the step to the system side of Recruitment.

“I always loved to work with people. Moreover, I enjoy helping those searching for their next change and opportunity in life. To help them reach their full potential. First by having the conversation and puzzling out what their aspirations were and then linking it to what was available. When moving to the system side this was made possible to do in a more structured and wide-reaching manner”, Erwin says.

Position at FourVision

Erwin holds the role of Talent Experience Implementation Consultant. He assists and sets up the Phenom Talent Experience Platform for our clients. His HR background on the practicing side together with his experience on a global level with working with HR systems, makes Erwin a great addition to the FourVision team.

Erwin looks forward to explore the world of HR technology and innovation further. Now that artificial intelligence and machine learning are finally arriving in the HR sector, the possibilities are endless!

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