Meet the Specialist: Darin Kramer

Meet the Specialist Darin Kramer FourVision

Darin is Lead Consultant at FourVision. In this role, he is responsible for the implementation of Dynamics 365 Human Resources and FourVision’s Web Apps.

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Personal background

Darin grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota. After living briefly in Denver, Colorado, he went to North Dakota State University. After he graduated he met his wife. They now have three children and currently live in a small town outside of Fargo, North Dakota. Darin has a degree in Business and started working for Great Plains Software right out of college. He was with Great Plains/Microsoft for 31 years.

Darin likes all kinds of sports even though he doesn’t play any of them. He enjoys the sporting activities of his kids. These are mainly hockey, basketball and soccer. Besides sports, Darin has a passion for cars. He owns a few and likes to work on them whether they are classic or new.

Professional background

After graduating, Darin started at Great Planes Software in the Support Department. He spent many days with customer either on the phone or in person. Throughout the years, Darin held many positions as a Certified Trainer, Software Analyst, Requirements Manager, Program Manager, Group Program Manager and more. All of these positions were focused on ERP and HR solutions from Microsoft and Great Plains. About his previous positions, Darin liked that he was given the opportunity to influence product development and that he was able to work with customers. In addition to this, Darin enjoyed the talent in the Microsoft Community where he was always surrounded by great people. He is sure that in making a move to FourVision, this will continue.

Position at FourVision

Darin is a Lead Consultant at FourVision. In this role, he will be implementing Dynamics 365 HR and FourVision’s Web Apps. Darin will also help FourVision out in Pre Sales situations. He hopes to continue with increasing his knowledge about the overall ecosystem and all FourVision has to offer.

With his 19 years of experience at Microsoft, Darin brings a lot of knowledge to FourVision. He has been working on AX/Dynamics since AX4 where he wrote requirements for the product. Darin worked with customers around the world and hopes to bring a fresh perspective at FourVision. He looks most forward to working with the customers and the FourVision team.

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