Meet the specialist: Chris Coolen

“Be happy and find joy in what you do”

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Chris is an HCM consultant who also specializes in Payroll Interface at FourVision. He has deep knowledge and experience in performance management and core HR from previous employment.

The HCM consultant is no stranger to the HR world. With an educational background in HR and Economics and over a decade of consumer-centric HR experience before stepping over to consultancy, Chris truly understands the needs and business processes of an HR department. This inside knowledge and perspective put FourVision at an advantage as they approach their customers with an aligned perspective and true understanding of the ins and outs of HR business processes and not only an IT perspective.


But Chris did not always dream of entering the HR world. As a young boy, he aspired to become a professional volleyball player. Selected for the Dutch military team, he was on his way to making his dream a reality. However, before his military service would start, he suffered a serious injury to his anklet and had no choice but to withdraw. He spent over a year in recovery, undergoing an operation and months of physiotherapy to recover elasticity in his anklet. With the injury to his ankle, his aspiration to pursue a career in sports was put to rest. After rounding up his studies, he worked for 15 years in different HR roles such as HRIS Manager and Payroll Manager before getting the opportunity by KPMG to transition into consultancy.

“I’m inspired by happy customers who get the most of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR application to always continue to go one step further than most implementation Consultants.” said the avid cyclist.

Not many people know that Chris thoroughly enjoys cycling and organizing province-wide cycling time trial competition in the region Limburg as well as one-day cycling races in his home town. The avid cyclist defines success as an individual who is able to do what they love and are great at it. Professionally, a deeply content and satisfied customer with the implementation of the FourVision solution is a huge success for Chris.

HCM Consultancy

A typical challenge the HCM Consultant frequently faces is having to change the mindset of customers to adjust their HR processes so that it aligns with the standard HR processes of the application in order to cut costs, save time and allow the customer to get the full potential of the HR solution. Change is indispensable in our current world. It takes a lot of effort and is not always accomplished.

“Be happy and find joy in what you do” advises the HCM Consultant to others in his profession.

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