COVID-19 Update – Fewer Restrictions, Now What?

Fewer Corona restrictions
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While we continue to work from home and continue to adhere to the COVID-19 measures, we are also watching the news regarding the Corona regulations closely. A reduced number of patients currently in hospitals with the Corona virus make that some countries across Europe are lifting regulations in a controlled way. What does that mean for our organizations?

Fewer Regulations and Restrictions

The first restrictions to be lifted in Europe are starting this week! Each of the European countries have their own lockdown regulations, as well as a roadmap to relieve some of them at two week intervals. The reason being that we have not beaten this Pandemic yet,  It means that for the majority of Europe, societies are slowly starting back up.

For example in the Netherlands, Primary schools and day cares are now open again with a reduced number of children allowed to be in class at any one time. Stores and libraries are reopening and working out outside is allowed again, provided the 1.5m distance is observed at all times. Hair salons and other close contact professionals are allowed to restart their businesses as well.

Not one country has the same measures nor will they be lifting the restrictions at the same time or at the same pace.

Workforce Management

Fewer restrictions also mean more planning is required. Perhaps you have had to offboard some of your staff, but when your workload picks back up, do you have enough people to handle the load? You may have to consider re-hiring some employees, or hiring entirely new people.

The most important thing to consider for the future of your organization is to see where your staff is, what skills they have, what they can and cannot handle, and, certainly, whether or not you have to change your approaches. This could mean that some of your employees may have to transition into a (slightly) different position within your organization. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you with this! Tools that help you plan your workforce and gain insight into your employees’ performance and potential for succession.

It is up to you now to decide how to handle and respond to the opening of society. Are you bringing your people back into the office? If so, what measures are you taking to ensure the 1.5m distance? Can you ensure the safety of your staff? Perhaps invest in wet wipes, or other disinfectants. Perhaps your organization can continue as is with people working from home. Whatever you do, help your employees stay safe!

Measures at FourVision

We are fortunate to be among those organizations to continue our hard work throughout the lockdown. Although the remote working situation is less personal than we would like, we have been able to offer our full support throughout. Naturally, we will continue to support every single one of our clients to the very best of our abilities. With restrictions in the Netherlands being lifted, we are going to try and return to the office in shifts. That way, we can easily adhere to the 1.5m distance rules that will remain in effect for quite some time still. We have also invested in disinfectant hand gels, the shared facilities are cleaned more regularly than usual and we wash our hands more frequently. We look after ourselves and want everyone to stay healthy and safe. If that means working from home a bit longer, then that is also fine. Luckily, with all the options to socialize remotely, we can keep in touch with each other on a regular basis.

The regulations have forced us to cancel our annual Celebration Day in May. We hope to reschedule this after the summer vacation. We are already looking forward to having our team back together and celebrate being back in the office.

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