Strengthening recruitment at CCBA: a new career site

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) bottles and distributes beverages trademarked by The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC). The organization serves 14 countries, employs over 17 000 people, and accounts for 40 % of the total Coca-Cola beverage volume consumed in Africa.

In 2019, CCBA began its journey to digital transformation. As part of its HR transition, it needed a modern career site to support its recruitment and employer branding efforts. For CCBA, it was crucial to have a software solution that offers flexibility and is future-proof.

Partnering with FourVision

FourVision became a CCBA partner in September 2020 and was tasked with a wide range of assignments to streamline CCBA’s end-to-end HR process.

As a Phenom implementation partner, FourVision suggested Phenom TXM as a foundation of the new CCBA’s career site. The AI-powered platform provides personalized career sites that engage candidates through extensive company presentation, tailored job selections, and recruitment campaigns. Importantly, it equips HR teams with tools and insights to manage recruitment and employer branding in a more efficient and data-driven way.

FourVision acted as a project management agent, communicating client’s needs, technical requirements, timelines, and supervising all stages of implementation. The team also provided employer branding consulting, helping CCBA’s recruitment team prepare and streamline content for the career site, and training support for all stakeholders involved in managing the Phenom-based website.

The implementation of the Phenom platform for CCBA took 18 months, and, in March 2022, their new career site was officially launched.

Key challenges

During discovery workshops, FourVision faced a challenge of integrating Neptune, CCBA’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with the Phenom platform. This was the first time Phenom got to work with this ATS.  The solution was found together with the CCBA project team. There were also certain timeline difficulties as well as User Acceptance Testing (UAT) issues that were resolved by alterations and extra UAT cycles.

Next steps

In the coming future, FourVision will cover all the gaps, facilitate application hosting on the Phenom platform, add screening and interview scheduling features, and create a Portuguese version of the career site.

Change management

Getting the system live is just the beginning of the digital transformation. Making employees comfortable with the new platform, so they start using it in their everyday jobs and benefit from it, is the next step. CCBA has multiple office locations with different levels of digital literacy, so training and constantly supporting recruitment colleagues in navigating Phenom’s interface is a priority. It requires certain behavioral change and time. According to the customer, the actual adoption rates can be estimated not earlier than in a year.

Customer feedback

CCBA is happy with FourVision’s support and their new career site. “At CCBA, we strive to look a few steps ahead. The Phenom platform provides us with technical capabilities to scale and do a lot more in the future”, said Natasha Thomas, Group Talent Lead at CCBA.

Coca Cola Beverages Africa Customer Case Study Career Site

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